What is viral content seeding?
Viral content seeding is best described by looking closely at the three words in its name:
Viral signifies quick, “infectious”, self-sustaining and widespread distribution
– Content can be videos, images, text, apps and so on
– Seeding describes the targeted and controlled spread or distribution of something
Together these three words mean quick and targeted distribution of content.

What does viral content seeding do? 
Viral content seeding is particularly useful for quickly distributing content, such as videos, images, text or apps. In today’s world, governed by a constant flow of data, it is particularly important for companies to distribute their content quickly to their target audience, before the content drowns in the daily mass of data.
Painstakingly created content doesn’t deserve to simply disappear in the flood, but quality alone often isn’t enough, the little nudge that is professional content seeding can often help and take care of viral distribution.

How exactly does viral content seeding work?
With viral content seeding, content is distributed along a wide range of channels. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr, for example, are very useful because many internet users are connected to at least one of these platforms and they generally use them fairly often. Content can be shared very quickly and easily there and can reach a viral scale very quickly.
By sharing on newsfeeds, content is discovered by new readers and in the best cases, shared further, which creates a viral effect. This effect is, of course, very helpful to many companies, as their content reaches lots of people without too much effort. But crucial to this position is also the quality of content. Boring or overly long content and content which is distributed to the wrong target audience will have difficulty spreading and little viral potential.

Who offers viral content seeding?
To use viral content seeding successfully, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional company. Companies that specialise in seeding and have been on the market for some time, have lots of experience in the field and a good selection of references that you can consult.
LINKLIKE, the seeding and content distribution specialist in Germany and Austria, offers professional content seeding in the German-speaking world with a touch of word of mouth, which can give viral content distribution the deciding nudge.

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