Content Marketing Distribution: Distribution of content

6. Juni 2015|Kategorien: Allgemein|Tags: , , , , |

We explained what content marketing and distribution are in the post on content marketing seeding but how does it look with a content distribution strategy? When starting a successful content distribution, your approach should be precisely thought out and coordinated, the most important points for this are: Target audience Distribution channels Measuring success But before [...]

Viral content seeding with LINKLIKE

6. Juni 2015|Kategorien: Allgemein|Tags: , , , |

What is viral content seeding? Viral content seeding is best described by looking closely at the three words in its name: - Viral signifies quick, “infectious”, self-sustaining and widespread distribution - Content can be videos, images, text, apps and so on - Seeding describes the targeted and controlled spread or distribution of something Together these three words [...]

Blog advertorials – definition, benefits and use

1. März 2015|Kategorien: Allgemein|Tags: , , , |

Blogs are now becoming more and more significant in the media. Many agencies and companies have now recognised the potential of well run blogs and cooperate with bloggers to use them. Companies use so-called ‘advertorials’ to spread the word about offers and products, which are published on the blogs. Definition of an advertorial: An advertorial [...]

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