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LINKILIKE offers the ideal solution for the distribution and promotion of YouTube videos. This solution brings qualitative YouTube views for your series, viral or other videos.

  • Guaranteed reach for YouTube videos, also for-360 degree Videos

  • Clearly measurable results and engagement in the social media environment

Video Seeding Lösung für YouTube Videos die gesehen werden sollen
  • Brand security by means of pinpoint targeting based on brand attributes & interests

  • Billing of counted YouTube views – capped by the budget

Do you want to generate more reach and traffic for your video?

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Individual Video Seeding strategy

LINKILIKE Video Seeding stands for a precisely targeted and suitable distribution of YouTube videos. We guarantee YouTube views and a budget cap. Through various measures, we are able to successfully handle national and international video seeding campaigns.

Based on your goals, target groups, time frame and other targeting parameters, we develop a seeding strategy for your video to be seen. You can moreover reach the target audience even better with precise keywords and interests.

Reviews of the last campaigns:

Pinpoint targeting

We configure an optimal seeding plan for you, depending on your targeting and budget. Our video seeding strategy includes many possible channels. The LINKILIKE Influencers are almost always the basis. They spread the video on Facebook on their pages. In addition, the video can be spread via blogs, larger Influencer, special Interest pages, …

As a result, you get high-quality YouTube views without auto play for your video. We bring your YouTube video out of YouTube and it gets the attention it deserves.

You have a great video, but nobody sees it?

We have the reach that your video deserves!

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Performance measurement – verifiable seeding results

Video marketing is only fun if the results send a clear message and can be verified. During the campaign, you’ll have all the important information about your Video Seeding campaign in the live reporting in the Content Promotion Center on one sight.

Furthermore, LINKILIKE will be listed as a referrer in the YouTube statistics of your YouTube video. This way you can always see the YouTube views LINKILIKE delivers for your YouTube video. In addition, you’ll also see the average view time, which usually is around 40% for up to 2-minute videos, depending on the content.

In order to make the cooperation with LINKILIKE particularly comfortable and flexible for our customers, we have developed the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center.

At the end of the campaign you will also receive a selection of anonymized screenshots showing the posts of the Influencers.

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