Content Seeding for your viral marketing

LINKILIKE is a specialist for:

  • Content Seeding – the distribution of videos, images, apps and web links
  • Accurate Targeting – pinpoint targeting based on brand attributes
  • Social Impact – clearly measurable results for content seeding campaigns

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LINKILIKE – Seeding solutions for your viral marketing

LINKILIKE is a specialist for viral seeding and provides for quick, authentic content reach – that is videos, images apps, web links. We distribute your viral content to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and web apps.

LINKILIKE sees itself as a social media provider for the advertising industry and provides the option of initiating seeding or viral marketing campaigns via the own LINKILIKE network – a suitable offer for agencies and businesses.

At the same time, greatest attention is given to authenticity. We have developed methods in collaboration with renowned research institutes, to bring content into circulation with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising. This approach results in a high quality reach, which transports the values of your brand in an ideal manner. We take over the tasks of a seeding agency, from consultation to reporting and our automatic seeding system for viral content guarantees an optimal price-performance ratio.

The LINKILIKE product range includes services revolving around the LINKILIKE core technology, the AuthenticityCode, a set of methods and algorithms, to ideally allocate content to persons. Consequently, LINKILIKE is a seeding agency with proprietary technology for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The following solutions could push your content:

Content distribution

Influencer marketing

Performance Seeding

Social Performance Seeding

visitors for your content and webpages (CPC)

Video Seeding


high quality views
for your
Youtube video

Content Promotion mit Blogmarketing Reichweite für Ihre Ads

Blogs &

your message
in an authentic context

Your benefits:

  • Kickstarter for viral marketing – campaigns

  • Viral marketing with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising

  • Up to a 5x greater engagement of your target group

  • Social signals: Positive SEO effects
  • Positive CSR effects through LINKILIKE SHARITY

  • Turn-key services from the leading technological seeding agency

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