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Measuring video success – why?

Videos – just like images – appeal to human emotions and are thus better able to convey messages. It goes without saying that producing a video is far more time-consuming and costly than drafting a text. It is therefore important that videos of this kind achieve a certain reach that justifies the expense. However, reach and views are not the only important criteria for measuring the success of a video. That’s why LINKILIKE’s video analysis tool also takes engagement and interaction rates into account when assessing video success.

Measuring video success – how?

In order to measure video success, LINKILIKE has developed a free tool that calculates both the costs per view and the costs per interaction based on a number of factors. LINKILIKE’s free video analysis tool shows the number of “likes”, “dislikes” and comments, as well as the number of times the video is called up on YouTube. It also shows how often the video is shared via Facebook and how many “likes” and comments it receives there.

The video analysis tool therefore provides an overview of the video’s social impact as well as calculating the production and distribution costs in relation to the success of the video.

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Effects of video success on SEO?

Social signals – i.e. “likes” and “shares” on Facebook or tweets on Twitter, along with comments on various social media platforms – are becoming increasingly important in video marketing. Experts believe that social signals have a positive impact on the effectiveness of SEO and hence on search rankings in Google and YouTube. Generally speaking, it is indeed noticeable that the results displayed on the first page of a Google search have a large number of “likes”, “shares” and comments.

Social signals are a sign of good texts and videos because the content appeals to a big audience. As a result, content of this kind often has an effect on Google search rankings.

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