A top ranking for your video

Video SEO helps you generate free, focused traffic for your video. LINKILIKE offers service packages, to help your video get a top ranking.

  • Improvement of the ranking of videos in the search engine
  • Organic, free reach of top target groups
Facebook Social Seeding
  • Sustainable effects at manageable costs
  • Perfect for product and how-to videos

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Search engine optimisation for your video

A very good way of generating a wide as well as focused reach is to obtain a good position in the search engine, first and foremost Google and YouTube. That is extremely important for top target groups.

Given that 400 hours of video material are uploaded per hour on YouTube, this is a complex task.

Two subareas must be taken control of with video SEO (= video search engine optimisation), in order to be found in the top ranking results of the search engine and to generate medium- and long-term free media (= free traffic).

  • On-video optimisation: Optimisation of the basis of the video (title, description, day, etc. – Here a Video SEO Checklist)
  • Off-video optimisation: Generation of relevant traffic via social media, blogs and websites.

Video SEO brings benefits for every video, especially in the long term.

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The objective of video SEO, namely to get a great ranking for your video, can only be achieved with good content, consistency and with continuous efforts. LINKILIKE helps you obtain great search engine rankings with your video. Our main focus of attention as a Video SEO agency lies on off-video optimisation in the field of video SEO. In this connection, we, as an agency, position your video in the network, so that the search engine quickly identifies the actual relevance of the content and a positive, sustainable ranking is achieved as soon as possible.

Social impact for your video

We distribute your video to relevant opinion leaders in social media, on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, we position your video on blogs and websites in an appropriate contextual environment. That leads to genuine, verifiable video message consumption. Relevance results from the combination of social presence and actual video consumption.

This relevance is rewarded by the search engine with a better ranking. Consequently, it is easier for the audience to find and consume your video. This organic traffic is extremely valuable and focused because it was pre-filtered by the search engine. Moreover, this traffic is free.

We offer Video SEO packages in various sizes. These are suitable for any type of informative video content (animated videos, explanatory videos, B2B videos).

Please contact us for further information; we are your Video SEO agency and are more than happy to advise you on the exiting options.

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I’m responsible for Austrian, as well as international customers.

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