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What are Social Signals (a brief definition)?

Social signals are becoming more and more important however, what are they exactly? For example, likes and shares on Facebook or tweets at Twitter are called social signals. Furthermore, comments are also regarded as social signals because as in the case of likes, shares and tweets, they are reactions to a certain content. Therefore, a social signal is a reaction from a real person to texts, images, videos, etc., which establish a backlink of content to your social channel by means of likes, shares or tweets.

Social signals are therefore also an SEO indicator for relevant content because real people, contrary to fake accounts, usually only like, comment on or otherwise circulate a content if the content has a meaning to that person and the person’s friends and followers. These reactions can be measured using the new LINKILIKE tool and can shed light on the virality and quality of the content.

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What effect do social signals have or do they have any influence on SEO?

Many experts believe that social signals have a positive effect on the SEO social signals performance and therefore, on the position in the Google ranking. In fact, many of the search results, which are shown on the first page of a Google search, often also have many likes, shares and comments.

Likes, shares, tweets, etc. are often a sign for good content or content, which many people like, and therefore, are often associated with the position in the Google ranking. Social signals on platforms such as Tumblr seem to have a particular effect on the Google search engine ranking however, the exact effect of these networks has not yet been confirmed by official sources. Nevertheless, it is very possible that the search engine giant collects and analyses social signals and includes them in its algorithm. Consequently, there is, in any case, a correlation between social signals on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitterand Tumblr and a good Google ranking and they can also have positive effects on the search engine ranking. That is, social signals have positive SEO effects.

How can social signals be measured?

There are several tools to measure social signals however, most of them are merely geared towards Facebook and/or Twitter. To be able to indicate the various signals more comprehensively, LINKILIKE developed a free tool, which indicates the signals on Facebook and Twitter. There is a correlation between this mix of manifold social signals and a good Google ranking and it can improve the position in the search results on a long-term basis.

The free social signals tool from LINKILIKE shows the number of likes, shares and comments on Facebook and on the one hand, provides users with an overview of the virality of their content and on the other hand, a complete overview of the areas in which users need to push their content more persistently, to achieve a better Google ranking in terms of technical SEO for instance.

Besides the overview, which the social signals tool presents, LINKILIKE also offers a multitude of solutions to achieve a better Google ranking, improved SEO performance and/or increased reach and virality of content.

Benefits of social signals:

Social signals are regarded as a reliable sign for potential virality as well an indicator for a good search engine ranking.

The signals are taken into account for the search engine algorithm and are rated higher than normal backlinks because they come from real people. Given that usually only content is shared, liked or otherwise circulated, which has a certain meaning for the person putting it into circulation or his/her friends and followers, the Google algorithm weighs these reactions correspondingly higher than simple backlinks to some websites. Therefore, social signals are extremely important in terms of technical SEO; on the one hand for a good Google ranking and on the other hand, to increase the probability of virality.