Authenticity is king!

LINKILIKE provides for quick, authentic reach in social media – on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr with the social seeding campaigns.

  • Pinpoint targeting – based on brand attributes, interests and/or demography

  • Clearly measurable results in the social media environment

Social Seeding Promotion, die Kraft der Everyday Influencer
  • Positive SEO effects for your web link thanks to social signals

  • Clear promotional labelling of every post with #sponsored

Greater reach and better engagement for your content!

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This is how social content seeding works

Social seeding works according to the following principle. We market a continuously growing number of personal social media profiles – real people with real friends and with above average social activity and authority. These so-called micro-influencers share your content – they share videos, images, apps and web links. Consequently, it ends up where your target group can be found more and more often in social media.

You can start your social seeding campaign online by defining your campaign parameters.

In addition to the usual information such as timeline, gender, geography, etc., LINKILIKE also gives you the option of targeting brand attributes – the attributes, which describe your message or your brand – and interests as well.

Word-of-mouth – the ultimate in content seeding!

Tue to the fact that basically anyone can publish something on the social web, the amount of contents has become enormous and comsumers are confrontet with a unstoppable stream of content. For people in marketing this fact is a double challenge. LINKILIKE helps as a Content Discovery Plattform to bring the message to the exact target group despite this stream of content.

In collaboration with renowned research institutes, LINKILIKE has developed methods, to ideally allocate content to persons. This set of methods and algorithms was combined under the term AuthenticityCode and makes sure that your content and its attributes are compared to the personality profiles of our micro-influencers. The result is social content seeding with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising.

Using the AuthenticityCode, your content is distributed in line with a social seeding campaign with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising and reach is established paired with social signals for SEO issues. Consequently, your content reaches your target group in social media with increased intensity.

Social Seeding:
solid results and reporting

At the end of the campaign, you receive a detailed analysis of the subject areas

  • social signals

  • engagement

  • geo-parameters

  • performance

Your benefits

  • Social content seeding with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising (WoM)

  • Up to a 5x greater engagement (like, share and reshare rates)

  • Social signals for your content

  • Social reach – quick and authentic

Alexander Pühringer CEO der Linkilike Gmbh

Alexander Pühringer

I’m responsible for Austrian, as well as international customers.

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