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LINKILIKE distributes articles & landing pages on a cost-per-click basis via Facebook and Twitter through the LINKILIKE Influencer Crowd

  • Cost-per-click billing model

  • Number of clicks guaranteed
  • Maximum transparency thanks to the use of tracking links

Performance Seeding mit everyday Influencer crowd
  • Social engagement due to authentic reach
  • Pinpoint targeting – based on brand attributes, interests and/or demography

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Social Performance Seeding is suitable for:

  • Editorial articles

  • Customer magazine

  • Blog articles

  • Campaign landing pages

  • Advertorials

  • CSR topics

That’s how Social Performance Seeding works

With Social Performance Seeding the content, which can be either a video, a link, a picture or an app, is tracked with an independent tracking tool and distributed by the LINKILIKE Influencer crowd. That means our Facebook Admins share your link on selected private social media profiles. Their friends and followers see these link suggestions on Facebook. An important characteristic of the distribution of content via Influencers is that it shows an especially high social engagement and authority.

Social Performance Seeding is known for its pinpoint accurate targeting. Only Influencers, which correspond to the values of your company or product, will be able to share your content. Furthermore, we can target our Influencers according to their interests, demographic characteristics like age, sex, living place etc. You will perfectly reach your target group this way.

Billing is done based on clicks

The designated budget is capped. You only pay the contracted number of clicks. Especially with highly interesting content a considerable over-performance can be reached. You’ll get all clicks reached after the campaign has been finished, for free.

Alexander Pühringer CEO der Linkilike Gmbh

Alexander Pühringer

I’m responsible for customers in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as for international customers.

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