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LINKILIKE is specialist for social native advertising.

LINKILIKE is a specialist for social native advertising. LINKILIKE social seeding campaigns result in a seamless integration of brand messages in the usual visual environment of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr and in doing so, provide improved conditions for interactions with the respective brand.

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What is social native advertising?

Die bunte Welt des Social Media - es werden viele verschiedene Kanäle aktiv bespielt und beworben

As in the case of most new buzz words, it is very difficult to find a common definition of the term “social native advertising”. It is clear however, that it is a special type of advertising. To be more exact, advertising in the usual environment of the users or recipients. In addition to social seeding posts, social native ads can be posts sponsored on Twitter, Facebook, etc. or also ads, posts, articles, etc. sponsored on other social platforms. Therefore, native ads are usually not identified as advertising upon the first glance because the layout and design of the ads is nearly perfectly adapted to the web page on which the ad is posted.

Furthermore, the main focus in social native advertising is on the recipient and his or her user experience. At the same time, the content of native ads can consist of texts, images, videos, etc. and interactively include the recipients.

Why should businesses use social native advertising?

Native ads have the clear advantage of being perceived as much less intrusive as other types of advertising. And, the recipients often share them with friends and followers and therefore, they have great potential of going viral, which is much more unlikely in the case of normal ads.

Furthermore, businesses can also stand out from the flood of information in a positive way using social native ads because these types of ads are better accepted by the recipients and are found to be more pleasant. So brand awareness is additionally increased and reinforced using social native advertising.

Moreover, native ads attract the user’s attention more than other types of advertising because they are laid out in the same manner as the rest of the organic content of the web page and in many cases, also provide the recipients with an additional benefit and not just an advertising message.

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What are the benefits of social native advertising?

Social native ads are, as already mentioned, not always immediately recognised as social native advertising and in many cases, perceived as being more pleasant than other types of advertising such as annoying banner ads or pop-ups. Furthermore, native ads are integrated into the web page in a manner, which often enables them to merge with the organic content and create a uniform image. This means that this type of advertising is not immediately overlooked and the recipients often not only skim through the ad but read it and are really interested in the content and in the best case scenario, share it with their friends and followers. So, native ads not only do not distract the recipients’ flow of reading but they are also not utterly ignored.

What needs to be observed?

As already mentioned, given that social native ads cannot be identified as advertisements right at the first glance, it is important to mark them as such. Otherwise, the recipients of the ad could feel they are being duped, which can lead to a negative brand awareness by the recipients and to a loss of the credibility of the web page on which the native ad is posted.

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Social native advertising, if used and implemented correctly, is a sound and effective type of advertising, which recipients find to be pleasant and therefore, increases the probability of dealing with the content of the ad intensively. In any case, businesses should consider this type of advertising given that native ads only rarely get lost in the flood of information consisting of texts, images and videos and are not as frequently simply ignored as banner ads are.

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Alexander Pühringer

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