Share cool content and do something for a good cause!

With LINKILIKE, you can share awesome content (images, videos, apps, links) with your friends and in doing so, do something for a good cause.

Many people do not have enough time or money, to be come active in charity work.

With SHARITY, LINKILIKE offers everyone the opportunity of making a contribution to people and organisations in need; for free and with practically no effort at all.

Almost everybody can become active; the only requirement is having a good personal Facebook or Twitter account.

You are compensated for sharing content – e.g. funny images and videos or useful apps. You can easily donate this money to charitable organisations with just one mouse click.

Sharity Spenden mit Linkilike

Social media charity – support renowned charity organisations!

You can choose from a variety of accredited charities, we transfer the amount and you receive a confirmation via e-mail.

You can support different organisations with your donation – you decide who receives the donation – we offer a wide variety of well-known charities, which range from development aid to animal welfare and from institutions to spinal research to children’s charities – that is fundraising via social media charity!

Alexander Pühringer CEO der Linkilike Gmbh

„We, as a young company, are thrilled to be able to use our business model for a good cause. Social commitment and responsibility are very important to me and my colleagues – the more motivated we are that we can provide an opportunity to help people in need with LINKILIKE SHARITY.“

Alexander Pühringer, Founder LINKILKE GmbH

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Join the LINKILIKE SHARITY movement and support those in need of our help. Using the power of a large-scale network, you too can show social commitment for free and with hardly any effort and do charitable work – that is crowdfunding for a good cause!

Invite family and friends to join LINKILIKE SHARITY and help build a “social network”!

We look forward to receiving feedback and of course any other type of opportunity for co-operation (e.g. links, banners, PR, sponsorship, etc.).

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