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You own a blog or special interest portal? You’re constantly fishing for exciting content and open for cooperations?

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Facebook Admin

As an administrator you are responsible for a facebook page (no private profile) and interested in cooperations?

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Be part of our Micro Influencer crowd!

On your private Facebook profile you are frequently informing your friends about interesting topics or the latest trends? As a private person you are active on Twitter and have many followers on this channel?

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Passionate blogger

As a blogger you offer your audience interesting content? Sign up for LINKILIKE now – exciting cooperations, that are interesting both for you and your readers, are waiting for you.

Even if you are at the beginning of your blogger’s career, and don’t have that many frequent readers yet, you can still register at our platform.

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Attention to all experts!

You are a specialist in a certain subject and are delivering to your audience know how about this topic on your website? Sign up for LINKILIKE – exciting cooperations concerning your field of expertise are waiting for you!

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You are running a Facebook page and supplying your fans with exciting content?

Whether you are running the fan page of your favorite club, a facebook page about gardening or the page of the local fire brigade: Sign up for free for LINKILIKE, discover interesting topics, that fit to you and your fans and get paid for sharing!

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