Influencer FAQ

Why didn’t I get approved?2017-08-13T12:13:41+02:00

Our administrators are entitled to check every application wether all requiremens described in our Terms and Conditions are being fulfilled.

Please check them in order to find out why your account was not approved.

How much will be donated from my SHARITY donation?2017-08-14T19:50:54+02:00

100 % of your sharity donation will arrive at the donation organization of your choice. All fees and processing costs are covered by LINKILIKE.

Is LINKILIKE reputable?2017-08-13T12:17:00+02:00


LINKILIKE works (among others with the Johannes Kepler University Linz) with renowned research institutes.
Furthermore LINKILIKE is promoted by public institutions (see www.ffg.at and www.tech2b.at). The novelty and the innovation of LINKILIKE has earned us a nomination for the Austrian Multimedia and e-Business award in 2013 and Awards in 2016 and 2017.

How can I earn money?2019-03-06T15:37:31+01:00

LINKILIKE presents cool content to you. Every time you share the content with your network you´ll get a remuneration.

Moreover, if you invite friends to LINKILIKE you get a comission based upon their remunerations.
Please note: You can find your referral link in the menu under “Recommend” – if this menu item doesn’t exist, the LINKILIKE recommendation system is currently not available in your country.

How does PayPal.Me work?2017-08-13T12:18:10+02:00

PayPal.Me is a new service from PayPal, which allows users to handle online banking transfers faster and more safely. LINKILIKE wants to offer its users the fastest and safest service available, that’s why it is now possible to request payouts with PayPal.Me.

Register her: PayPal.Me

What’s the price of the LINKILIKE service?2017-08-13T12:18:44+02:00

LINKILIKE is free of charge for private people.

How can I share public on Facebook?2017-08-14T19:52:26+02:00

You can share LINKILIKE Campaigns public on Facebook by following these 6 steps:


share LINKILIKE Campaigns public on Facebook Step 1


share LINKILIKE Campaigns public on Facebook Step 2


share LINKILIKE Campaigns public on Facebook Step 3


share LINKILIKE Campaigns public on Facebook Step 4


Now you should be able to post LINKILIKE Campaigns public again.

Advertiser FAQ

I would like to see the targeting of an earlier campaign, is that possible?2019-04-11T10:16:09+02:00

Yes. You can see all the campaigns you have created in the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center at any time. This applies to both finished campaigns and campaign drafts that you may have previously created but not yet ordered.

In our company, several people are responsible for creating campaigns – do we all have to share one account?2019-04-11T10:16:09+02:00

Yes and no. Each employee gets their own account and is assigned to the company. The big advantage of this is that different users can then be assigned different roles – for example, one user can create and order campaigns, while another only has permission to see the reporting.
These permissions can of course also be changed at any time, as well as new users can be added or existing users can be removed. An overview of the individual users as well as the possibility to manage their authorizations can be found in the dashboard of the Content Promotion Center.

How can I see the numbers during an ongoing campaign?2019-04-11T10:16:09+02:00

LINKILIKE Live Reporting is available for this purpose, which allows you to see how it reaches the target group during an ongoing campaign. Just click the Live Reporting icon in the Campaign Overview.
Please note, however, that the numbers in Live Reporting are displayed with up to 48 hours delay, as these are not transmitted in real time by Facebook and Co.

Should advertisers book Facebook ads or LINKILIKE influencer campaigns?2017-08-13T12:09:34+02:00

LINKILIKE campaigns and Facebook ads have complementary effects. LINKILIKE campaigns have a word-of-moth effect and Facebook ads have great targeting options. Both advertising types are often used together within the same campaign.

Can advertisers book influencer campaigns on their own?2017-08-13T12:10:09+02:00

Yes, after the registration it is possible to book influencer campaigns independently in the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center.

What is a LINKILIKE Everyday Influencer?2019-06-13T15:35:54+02:00

Everyday influencer are people with 250 – 5.000 followers, who are well connected with their friends and followers on social media platforms like Facebook and/or Twitter. More Information here.

How long is the lead time for a LINKILIKE campaigns?2017-08-13T12:11:17+02:00

LINKILIKE campaigns start on workdays within 24h. Mostly however within a couple of minutes.

Are LINKILIKE campaigns in accordance with the Facebook terms & conditions?2017-08-13T12:11:56+02:00

Yes, the LINKILIKE business model is conform with the Facebook terms & conditions, which was confirmed by a legal report. For more information please contact your LINKILIKE sales person.

What is the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center and what are its benefits for advertisers?2017-08-14T19:47:00+02:00

The LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center offers advertisers the possibility to book campaigns independently and comfortable 24/7. Moreover the Center provides 100% transparency and realtime monotoring. Advertisiers benefit furthermore from the time and money savings, due to usage of the the selfservice tool. Specifications and media data are additionally always accessible.

What kind of content can be distributed via LINKILIKE?2017-08-13T12:14:16+02:00

With LINKILIKE advertisers can distribute content like articles, web-links, videos, landing pages and so on. Depending on the content LINKILIKE offers video seeding, social seeding, performance seeding and advertorial- and blogmarketing. Here you can find the LINKILIKE content guidelines.

In the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center only a white page is displayd. What can I do?2017-08-14T10:46:59+02:00

Some Ad blockers sees advertising in the contents of the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center. Due to this a white window without content is shown. In this tutorial we show you how do avoid this problem so that you can use the Content Promotion Center again.

How to allow the content of the Content Promotion Center:


1. Click the symbol of the ad blocker in your browser window

ad blocker in your browser: klick right

2. Choose „Deaktivate: to linkilike.com“ to deactivate the ad blocker on all LINKILIKE pages

ad blocker in your browser: deactivate AD blocker


Additional information: Please consider that the buttons described above might differ when using different ad blockers. However, deactivating them works in a similar way.

Which content is working best?2017-08-13T12:15:42+02:00

Content should be engaging. Fascinating or simply funny are the key-attributes for good content. Videos and pictures usually work best. We can help you!

What pricing models do LINKILIKE campaigns have?2019-06-13T15:49:19+02:00

LINKILIKE campaigns are invoiced based on the campaign type. For example based on views (video seeding), shares (social facebook seeding), clicks (social performance seeding) or based on the number and size of advertorials or blog posts (advertorial- and blogmarketing).