What is a LINKILIKE micro influencer?

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Micro influencer are people with 250 - 5.000 followers, who are well connected with their friends and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, G+, Twitter and/or Tumblr. More Inflormation here.

What is the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center and what are its benefits for advertisers?

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The LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center offers advertisers the possibility to book campaigns independently and comfortable 24/7. Moreover the Center provides 100% transparency and realtime monotoring. Advertisiers benefit furthermore from the time and money savings, due to usage of the the selfservice tool. Specifications and media data are additionally always accessible.

Why didn’t I get approved?

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Our administrators are entitled to check every application wether all requiremens described in our Terms and Conditions are being fulfilled. Please check them in order to find out why your account was not approved.

What kind of content can be distributed via LINKILIKE?

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With LINKILIKE advertisers can distribute content like articles, web-links, videos, landing pages and so on. Depending on the content LINKILIKE offers video seeding, social seeding, performance seeding and advertorial- and blogmarketing. Here you can find the LINKILIKE content guidelines.