Content Distribution

High quality and authentic content about your brand

Content Distribution with LINKILIKE influencer crowd

  • Active lead-generation and addressing new target audiences

  • Increasing brand awareness and brand trust

  • Highly interactive influencer with high page view rate

  • Social Seeding with our own technology

Lautstarke Inhalte bzw. Content werden social verbreitet bzw. Seeding von Meinungsmachern

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Successful Content Marketing Distribution with LINKLIKE

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LINKLIKE offers Content Marketing Distribution as active customer communication and supports the seeding of your branded content for your target audience:

Pinpointed distribution using blogs and social media is an important foundation of any content distribution strategy. With social seeding from LINKLIKE, you put your branded content directly in the normal flow of information of relevant influencers using their newsfeeds.
These personal recommendations lead to a notably free consumption of the content and ensure great user acceptance.

That way your content gets the attention it deserves and even measurable results and engagement in the field of social media.

LINKLIKE Content distribution multiplies the impact of your branded content via authentic blogs, social media influencer profiles and mobile sites.

Your benefits:

  • Social content seeding with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising (WoM)
  • Up to 100% of users choosing to consume your content
  • Distribution of branded content only to relevant influencers
  • Social signals for your content
  • Authentically active lead generation