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How to get more coverage for your content

There is barely another technological development that has influenced and changed social life as massively or as quickly as the internet. It’s growth into the social web that we have seen over the last few years, can be seen in the many different social networks, forums, blogs and regular algorithm updates of the big search engines.

The unstoppable stream of content

The fact that basically anyone can publish something on this social web and it is at the same time an efficient and cost-effective opportunity for mass communication, has brought the content discovery platform contents that is loaded daily on to the internet to an unimaginable level. Here are just a few figures to show how much data is uploaded to the net in one minute:

  • 3.299.000 Shares on Facebook
  • hours of video content on Youtube
  • 350.000 Tweets on Twitter
  • 153.183.000 Emails
  • 342.000 app downloads
Funny Lady mit dem Durchblick

For anyone who works in Content marketing or Online marketing, this fact presents a double challenge. On the one hand their research groups want to be provided with helpful and relevant content and on the other hand they have to wade through a flood of branch-specific content every day just to be able to follow current developments in real time.

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Content Marketing as a pioneering strategy

Content is King –
in all variations

From this, some interesting fields of work have developed: Content marketing, content curation, content distribution and content discovery.

Content-Marketing is definitely the best known term on this list, even if that doesn’t mean that everyone actually understands what it means. The excessive use of these buzz words is a controversial issue and this is partially deserved.

Content Marketing means not merely to produce content at your company, but rather it describes a complex and many-layered approach, including curation, distribution and discovery.

One of its many possible definitions is given by the Content Marketing Institute:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” (Source:

Content Curation –
a professional service

Content Curation is an area of Content Marketing and signifies the combination and preparation of content for particular target audiences in particular thematic areas. This is also not about producing your own content, but rather sorting through the daily mass of public content and making it available.

Content Curation holds particular importance nowadays to first give your research groups an overview and second to position yourself as a professional service provider for your target audience. The curation of online content is a service orientated business model.

Content Distribution –
the seeding of relevant content

Content Distribution, also called seeding, is the active distribution of relevant content using suitable channels. Whether a channel is “suitable” depends very much on the target audience and can’t be roughly calculated. For this you need the begin with a detailed analysis.

Content Distribution concerns itself with both curated and self-produced content. Because no matter where the content comes from or how good it is, if it does not reach the target audience, it is useless and only means wasted resources.

Coole Tassen plaudern gerne ;-)

Content Discovery –
where is the relevant content?

As we mentioned, the amount of public information on the internet is constantly growing. An overview and grasp of this content is barely possible, unless you work in a very small niche. Discovering relevant content and tracking down new themes and developments is becoming more and more like finding a needle in a haystack – this is true for both producers and consumers of online content.

Linkilike Stuff: Der Kegel symbolisiert das Social Seeding mit der Content Promotion mit unseren Lösungen

Content Discovery Platforms as a win-win solution

This hole in the market obviously didn’t stay undiscovered for long. Now there are a variety of content discovery platforms and tools which aim to curate thematically specific content and provide it to the users. The differences between the individual providers is sometimes remarkable. From free tools that let you record interests or themes and receive daily articles in your inbox, to tools that can forward specific articles, to social media channels to fee-based platforms that recommend relevant content to internet users and offer special offers to content publishers or consumers.

These providers recommend posts to users based on articles they have already read and so introduce them to content and sources they would otherwise never have found by themselves. On the other hand, tools like these offer companies and publishers the opportunity to spread their content far wider on the social web than they would have otherwise done with their own media channels. The goal of this, of course, is to increase traffic to the content creator’s website and generate potential new customers.

The targeting possibilities and applied algorithms of individuals service providers sometimes demonstrate serious differences company goals should be measured in advance. Even the channels recorded by content discovery platforms aren’t the same: some specialise in news sites, others on the blogger scene and others – like LINKLIKE – on social networks. Furthermore, the publishers don’t always have the opportunity to test the recommended content before publishing or to see if these go well with their company presence in terms of quality. Therefore, it is necessary to study the individual platform in detail.

Content with high potential and range

For all forms of content work, the following points are particularly important to be able to post successful content:

  • knowing and understanding your target audience,
  • knowing where your target audience finds and shares content,
  • knowing which content formats your target audience responds to best,
  • wanting to build real and constant relationships,
  • creating helpful and useful content with a personal note (people want to relate to people, not cyborgs),
  • taking on and thematising creative and current themes,
  • building a community.

The potential that content discovery platforms, in particular, carry is enormous and will only increase with the constantly rising amount of content available online daily. In a balanced mix of marketing and communication, tools like this have earned their rightful place, above all because you can easily follow the success of campaigns like these and react to them appropriately.

In case you had never considered making your content available to a wider audience, we look forward to your queries. We would be happy to create a LINKLIKE content discovery strategy, that has been perfectly put together for your brand attributes.

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