Your message in an authentic context

LINKILIKE offers to place your topic in the appropriate context in order to reach the audience of influental bloggers or theme blogs with your message.

  • High quality theme blogs – integration of your content for trust and reach

  • Sustainable SEO – effects

Content Promotion mit Blogmarketing Reichweite für Ihre Ads
  • Blogger and influencer – the right influencers for your topic

  • Optional complementairy promotion with Social Seeding and/or Facebook-Ads

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Reach, trust, SEO and more …

With the product Video Blog Marketing, LINKILIKE offers the option of integrating your video in the exact context necessary, in order for your message to reach the audience of influential bloggers. This enables you to highlight key issues in line with your seeding campaigns.

Your content is supplemented with an at least 250 word, unique additional text written by the blogger. This supports your online marketing and provides you with positive SEO effects. Whether it is about introducing or announcing a product, an image report or a product test or a review, blog marketing can be used in many ways.


Benefits of blog marketing:

  • Great reach: Integration of the video on quality – theme blogs
  • > 250 words unique text with your specified keywords
  • Positive SEO effects
  • Efficient targeting of B2C and B2B groups
  • Access to > 7,000 German-speaking blogs

A blog marketing campaign works quite simply:

Send us a short briefing

We select suitable blogs and propose them to you

You choose your prefered blogs

We forward the order to these blogs and influencers

We send you an anonymised clipping within 3 weeks after commissioning

Find the right blogs for you out of 7,000 different ones.

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Content Promotion mit Blogmarketing Reichweite für Ihre Ads

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your message
in an authentic context