In our company, several people are responsible for creating campaigns – do we all have to share one account?

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Yes and no. Each employee gets their own account and is assigned to the company. The big advantage of this is that different users can then be assigned different roles - for example, one user can create and order campaigns, while another only has permission to see the reporting. These permissions can of course also [...]

How can I see the numbers during an ongoing campaign?

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LINKILIKE Live Reporting is available for this purpose, which allows you to see how it reaches the target group during an ongoing campaign. Just click the Live Reporting icon in the Campaign Overview. Please note, however, that the numbers in Live Reporting are displayed with up to 48 hours delay, as these are not transmitted [...]

What is the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center and what are its benefits for advertisers?

2017-08-14T19:47:00+02:0031. July 2017|Categories: |

The LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center offers advertisers the possibility to book campaigns independently and comfortable 24/7. Moreover the Center provides 100% transparency and realtime monotoring. Advertisiers benefit furthermore from the time and money savings, due to usage of the the selfservice tool. Specifications and media data are additionally always accessible.

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