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The AuthenticityCode is LINKILIKE’s core technology

The AuthenticityCode is LINKILIKE’s core technology for which a patent is pending.

It consists of a set of algorithms and methods and ensures an optimum matching of content (videos, texts, apps, web links, etc.) and Everyday Influencer (influencers, who register at LINKILIKE via your Facebook or Twitter account).

The AuthenticityCode, which was developed in collaboration with renowned research institutions, ensures that two fundamental requirements for content seeding campaigns are met:

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Therefore, LINKILIKE can guarantee an optimum matching of content and micro-influencers or Everyday Influencers with the help of the AuthenticityCode.

When registering, a profile of each Everyday Influencers is automatically created based on his or her personal profile incl. demographic data and this data is assigned to a system consisting of different, multidimensional clusters.

The appropriate Everyday Influencer group is then determined and directly addressed for the respective campaign based on the brand attributes provided by the advertiser.

Consequently, only Everyday Influencers, who are committed to the brand based on their personality structure, bring the content into circulation.

The AuthenticityCode also contributes to brand security:

Due to this automatic matching and the precise comparison of brand attributes with the Everyday Influencer’s personality profiles, there is merely a very low level of waste circulation of the content compared to other seeding methods. Furthermore, because of the ideal attribution of content to Everyday Influencers, there is a quick and authentic circulation with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising.

Consequently, the AuthenticityCode serves as a basis for a WoM seeding tool, which, in turn, is a must for any content marketing campaign. Moreover, the probability of a viral circulation of the content increases enormously due to ideal matching, for the general conditions for viral incubation could not be more ideal.

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