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In order to make the collaboration with LINKILIKE for our customers as flexible and comfortable as possible, we’ve developed the LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center:

Content Promotion Center – booking campaigns in an easy and flexible way

The LINKILIKE Content Promotion Center enables you to book your content distribution or influencer campaigns in a flexible and comfortable way – any time and any place. Additionally, you enjoy total transparency due to our real time reporting. While the campaign is running you can already watch the development and the success of your campaign. Therefore, you’re able to react in time, if necessary. In addition, you have support, media data and all specifications within reach at any time – thereby you can save time and money.

The very best about it: Signing up for the LINKIILIKE Content Promotion Center stays for free permanently. Try it now – without any risk.

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Content Promotion Center, die Softwarelösung für Media Agenturen

Our ads fit perfectly into your target group’s social environment

Advertisements have most power where they fit perfectly into the target group’s everyday life. This does not mean that it should not be eye catching – it should, but nevertheless the message should be authentic.

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LINKILIKE especially pays attention to authenticity. We distribute your content with Influencers, who fit to you and your brand. Checking interests and attributes, we choose the right influencers for your campaign. These people distribute your content during the campaign with their social media channels. To every post a clear promotional label is added in order to meet all legal requirements.

Equally conscientiously we select influencers from our network, when it comes to blog marketing or influencer campaigns. Only placed in the right environment and spread by the right opinion leaders your message can make an impact.

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Content Marketing
Automated Seeding Tool

LINKILIKE is an automatic content seeding tool, which provides focused, quick and authentic reach for content. Content such as videos, images, apps and web links is strategically circulated in social media such as Facebook and Twitter via the own influencer network. Clearly measurable results, short term range and sustainable social signals are the output of a LINKILIKE campaign.

Find out more about the possible applications of LINKILIKE, to support your social content marketing or contact us directly.

Seeding Innovation – simple and authentic

Since its establishment in 2012, LINKILIKE has revolutionised the market of content seeding. Many companies, brands and agencies are already convinced of the capabilities of LINKILIKE and seed videos, images, apps and web links easily and without any complications at all.

Find out more about the possible applications of LINKILIKE, to support your social content marketing.

Clearly measurable seeding results

Content seeding is becoming more and more important in the budding market of content marketing. The goal is to stand out from the vast amount of produced videos, images and web links and to reach the proper target group. On YouTube alone, more than 72h of video material is uploaded every minute. LINKILIKE supports content marketing campaigns, to stand out from the multitude of videos, images, apps and links and provides precisely measurable results. The result is reach in social media, on blogs and websites und furthermore, leads to positive SEO effects.

Find out more about the possible applications of LINKILIKE, to support your social content marketing.

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