mit tumblr geld verdienenEarning money on Tumblr is not at all easy, because Tumblr has a micro-blogging platform. Opportunities to monetise Tumblr accounts are rarely found, the advertising industry instead concentrates on market leaders WordPress, Joomla and Co. LINKLIKE is a web content distribution specialist and we offer Tumblr users the opportunity to earn money from a well looked after blog. This isn’t an offer of conventional blog marketing, rather of blog posts.

Blog posts are defined as short status updates based on a LINKLIKE briefing. All it takes are 50 words on the Tumblr account and LINKLIKE pays a sum dependent on the success of the campaign.

So you can easily earn money on Tumblr for very little effort. Just sign up and go.

Earn money on Tumblr: Only quality pays!

With LINKLIKE you can be part of campaigns from a whole variety of areas. Our specially developed algorithm makes sure you will only get content that that fits well with you and the theme of your blog. Our customers, who basically make it possible to earn money on Tumblr and other social network sites are often brand product companies. To meet the demands of our customers, we only use Tumblr blogs of the highest quality. So we check the application and only work with well looked after blogs with above a minimum level of interaction. If everything is as it should be, then nothing else stands in the way of you earning money from your Tumblr blog.