We explained what content marketing and distribution are in the post on content marketing seeding but how does it look with a content distribution strategy?
When starting a successful content distribution, your approach should be precisely thought out and coordinated, the most important points for this are:

  1. Target audience
  2. Distribution channels
  3. Measuring success

But before you can tackle these points the content itself, whether it be text, image, video etc., first needs to be created. For good quality content you should thus bear in mind different points. Every kind of content should be prepared authentically and to a high standard to increase the likelihood of quick distribution and going viral.

Target audience:

The perfect target audience should be clear from the beginning i.e. as the preparation process commences, so that the target audience and content are coordinated, aspects such as age, demographic and interests factor in here. If the content and the target audience are perfectly aligned and the campaign’s content is valuable (i.e. if it is interesting or entertaining) the content usually distributes itself.
Everyone is bombarded with a whole heap of information and advertising every day, to keep a clear head a lot is automatically ignored. That is why it is so important that the content has good value and reaches the right target audience, so that it doesn’t sink in the daily flood of data!

Distribution channels:

There are are variety of different types of distribution channels on offer. Online, for example, there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and so on, there is also a plethora of blogs which can be split into different themes and readerships and then there are also lots of other different websites that can be suitable as distribution channels depending on the target audience.
The better you choose your channels and the more precisely your target audience is chosen, the more likely the content will be to spread of its own accord. That’s why, as we said, you should look to make informative and entertaining content.

Measuring success:

It is important to define the goals of a content marketing campaign from the outset. For example, is your content distribution trying to generate more backlinks to your content; is it trying to raise the profile of your content through views and shares; or is it trying to increase leads and sales?
Campaign goals can also help with the coordination of a campaign, because the goals clearly show which areas should be pushed for the most. For example, should the content have its profile raised via shares on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr, while backlinks should rather be generated by placing the content on theme-relevant blogs?
Measuring success also helps to pick out important conclusions for future campaigns, because you can learn just as well from mistakes as you can from successes.


In conclusion, a well structured plan and the right strategy can help a content marketing campaign find success.
LINKLIKE offers various opportunities for the successful and targeted distribution of content, as well as a tool for measuring the reach of content on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on: Social Signals Tool.

Even the best content is valueless if it doesn’t reach the right target audience, that’s why successful distribution has to be given a lot of value!

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