Content: This is the material with which companies, agencies and organisations draw attention to themselves if they wan to speak to customers and potential business partners in new ways online.

Experiences in online-marketing over the last few years have shown that good content alone doesn’t have the potential to permanently draw attention to a company. Agencies are well advised to constantly strive for the interests of their clients by opening up new sources of content. These are then to be processed in an emotionally intelligent way which predominantly focusses on customer use and customer contact

These new content marketing ideas have replaced old perspectives that relied on using obtrusive forms of advertising from classic marketing and thus only offering constructed content with the potential to attract new visitors and interested parties to web offers. This tactic still works but it is no longer enough to attract new visitors. The content must be designed to satisfy long lasting interests and needs.

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Content Marketing Agency: Content can be very variable

Digital content has various forms when it generates success for the customer. Content can be in text, image and graphic form; this content still attracts a lot of interest when it can demonstrate complex connections with a new approach. But content in the form of moving images is becoming more and more central to people’s interest. Videos and animations have more explanatory force and can stress the emotional side of a post.

A content managing agency must be able to offer approaches relevant to these different forms and current distribution possibilities. LINKLIKE supports all digital marketing agencies as a seeding agency, so that they can offer an optimal mixture of targeted content distribution methods including social seeding, which is becoming ever more important.