Blogs are now becoming more and more significant in the media. Many agencies and companies have now recognised the potential of well run blogs and cooperate with bloggers to use them. Companies use so-called ‘advertorials’ to spread the word about offers and products, which are published on the blogs.

Definition of an advertorial:

An advertorial is a mixture of advertisement and an editorial, in other words a leading article with editorial and informative content. So an advertorial is a special type of advert, belonging to the same group as native advertising and content marketing. Advertorials look like editorial articles but the information they contain is more like an advert. That’s why advertorials can be classified as adverts or, equally, as PR.

What is a blog advertorial?

The only difference between a blog advertorial and a conventional advertorial is the platform. Conventional advertorials can be placed on any popular website, while blog advertorials are only published on blogs. More importantly, blog advertorials, just like conventional advertorials look exactly like all other content. A blog advertorial is presented in the graphic style of the blog and adapted to the structure of the other articles so that the advertorials merge with the rest of the content.

The benefits of a blog advertorial:

As we mentioned above, blog advertorials are adverts that are presented as editorials. By placing advertorials on blogs, you can advertise to people in a familiar setting. Many blogs have a large and loyal reader community, who trust the blogger and their opinions and pay a lot of attention to all posts. So bloggers are taken seriously by their readers, which means it is also important that the blog advertorial are thematically-fitting and authentic.

To make the advertorials more visually appealing, images and videos are often also used to support the presentation of the product and spike the reader’s interest. These visual aids can often give the reader added value and awaken a real interest in them.
In many cases blog advertorials are more successful than other forms of advertising like banner advertisements, lots of users immediately ignore this type of advertising and so-called ‘banner blindness’ ensues.

An advertorial’s success depends on the quality of the content and on targeting. For example, if a blog advertorial has no content value for the reader, isn’t interesting or is void of content, then in most cases it won’t even be read, never mind clicked on. The same applies to targeting; if the advertorial doesn’t fit thematically with the blog, it will also not reach the target audience and will therefore be given little to no attention.


Blog advertorials are a good tool to sustainably reach your target audience and definitely a better method than banner ads or pop-ups. However, there are also legal guidelines for using blog advertorials: As blog advertorials are adverts, it is very important to label them as such. Companies should also pick the blogs they use very carefully and not just sprinkle their post sporadically around the internet.