The meaning of social networks for modern marketing is immense Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others like them have grown into the most important tools for communication and thus also for advertising, image and feedback on the internet. More and more companies from all sorts of industries are trying to become part of this success story and to improve sales with their own internet presence. But setting up a Facebook page for your company is only the first step.

You also have to develop strategies to maintain a positive brand image and react quickly and thoroughly to user interaction. But it’s also important to book paid advertisement spots on these social network sites to reach all of your target audience.


How good is social network advertising really and what should you watch out for?

The possibilities for advertising on social networking sites

One reason why adverts on social networking sites have become so popular is the low cost to the company. You no longer need big budgets for extensive campaigns. Opening an account on Facebook, Twitter and other global players is free and it allows you to quickly build your own presence. Depending on your success you can also very quickly and effectively reach potential business contacts as well as private customers.

With an effective concept and the social media trail that follows, it’s not just products and services that are marketed successfully.

Your image, brand and company are primed and rejuvenated too. But then you are dependent on feedback from customers. The purpose of advertising is to actively communicate with your customers and potential business partners. It’s only those who pick the right strategies who can sustain long-term success with Facebook and Twitter advertising.

But Facebook is reducing the range of company websites and so it is important to also construct a marketing concept.: As well as promoted posts on Facebook, the target groups you find there can be spoken to directly. To find more people interested in your content, however, classic word of mouth advertising is also very important.

This works on social media when users share, like or comment on the relevant post. The agency LINKLIKE leads the game on social networking sites by using its own publisher network to create targeted and authentic user interaction.

Lots of risks without any real concept

So the hidden danger lies in not thinking about your own concept in your posts. People who just open an account, start writing posts and don’t think about where they are taking their concept, inevitably fail.

This can lead to problems that can give the company a negative image. To avoid the risks and improve your chances in this environment, you should always get professional advice.

Advertising and social media agencies are the key to success. They develop the concept based on the company’s individual values and ideal image. From guidelines on communication to the presentation of your posts, all the way to the perfect time for a post, everything is calculated for you.

Anyone who gets professional advice for marketing their website can be a part of the success.

LINKLIKE support their social network adverts by defining authentic influencers for advertising campaigns, which broaden the reach of their content with digital word of mouth.